Eric Boschker

Eric Boschker

Senior Scientist

  • Microbial diversity and functioning of microbial communities
  • The role of bacterial long-distance electron transport by cable bacteria in marine sediments
  • Characterization of the electron conducting structure in cable bacteria

Dr. ir. H.T.S. Boschker

Department: Environmental Biotechnology (TU Delft)

Visiting address:

Building 58
Department of Environmental Biotechnology
Technical University Delft
Van der Maasweg 9
2629 HZ Delft
the Netherlands

Postal address:

Department of Environmental Biotechnology
Technical University Delft
Postbus 5046
2600 GA Delft
the Netherlands

Short CV

2017 – present Senior Scientist, Department of Environmental Biotechnology, Technical University Delft, the Netherlands
2016 – 2017 Senior scientist, Department of Bioscience – Microbiology, Aarhus University, Denmark
2004 – 2016 Senior Scientist, NIOO and NIOZ, Yerseke, the Netherlands
1995 – 2004 Postdoctoral Researcher at Centre for Estuarine and Marine
Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), Yerseke, the Netherlands
1989 – 1995 PhD research, Centre for Limnology,Netherlands Institute of
Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), Nieuwersluis, the Netherlands
1983 – 1989 MSc Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University

My publication list and citation statistics can be found on ResearchGate