Field sampling

Field sampling during an oceanographic cruise in the North Sea on board RV Simon Stevin. This is the first location where we found the electrogenic bacteria in the seafloor.

Field sites

In our field work, we have been able to demonstrate that long-range electron transport occurs in a wide range of habitats across the globe.
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  • Biogeochemical modelling
  • Microsensor profiling
  • Porewater geochemistry
  • Stable isotope probing
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridisation
  • Molecular biology
  • Microscopy (bright field, holographic, fluorescence)

Field sites

  • Grevelingen, Dutch Delta, The Netherlands
  • Wadden sea, The Netherlands
  • Belgian coastal zone
  • Nuuk, Greenland
  • Long Island sound, New York, USA
  • Yarra estuary, Melbourne, Australia

Key Publications

Malkin S., Rao A., Seitaj D., Vasquez-Cardenas D., Zetsche E., Hidalgo-Martinez S., Boschker H.T.S., and Meysman F.J.R. (2014) Natural occurrence of microbial sulphur oxidation by long-range electron transport in the seafloor. The ISME journal. doi: 10.1038/ismej.2014.41 (PDF)


National collaborations

  • Caroline Slomp, Fatimah Suluh-Gambari, Mathilde Hagens (Utrecht University, The Netherlands). Cooperation in Darwin Center for Biogeosciences, project on hypoxia in Marine Lake Grevelingen .
  • Jack Middelburg, Lubos Polerecky (Utrecht University, The Netherlands). Advanced imaging at the NanoSims facility – the Dutch national facility for high-resolution in situ isotope and element analysis.
  • Roman Koning (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands). Cryo-TEM imaging at NECEN – the Dutch national facility for advanced cryo-transmission electron microscopy.

International collaborations